Hermès & Chanel continue to dominate the Celeb Bagosphere with few Challengers

The stars aren’t precisely blowing me away with their bag options this week, however there are still a few celeb picks worth peeping at in this bag roundup, including a brand new Chanel bag that we’ve only seen on the arm of a celeb when before. (Hint: it’s not a Chanel kid Bag) Celebs are still falling back on old favorites, a few of which are appropriately vintage, a few of which are just a few seasons old. spring 2015 bags have been in stores for a few weeks now though, so perhaps we’ll see a bit a lot more range in next week’s batch of bags.

Courtney Love
Stella McCartney Falabella Bag
$1,050 by means of Saks
Courtney like was just recently identified leaving dinner at Craig’s in West Hollywood with one of Stella McCartney’s a lot of cherished bags. Courtney is really prepping to head out on excursion when again–she’ll be opening for Lana Del Rey, of all people, which makes best sense, in a logic-defying kind of way.

Gayle King
Rebecca Minkoff Swing Bag
$295 by means of Nordstrom
Here’s Oprah’s bestie Gayle King, coming to a screening of the mad guy season premiere in nyc with a adorable bit Rebecca Minkoff. I like mad guy too, Gayle! perhaps we must hang. If Oprah’s there too, that’s cool.

Giada de Laurentiis
Goyard St. Louis Tote
Giada brought this colorfully personalized Goyard carry to the Today show studios. Goyard’s individualized totes are, of course, a big part of the brand’s appeal–celebs as well as routine clients alike snap them up.

Miriam Leone
Salvatore Ferragamo tiny Fiamma Bag
$1,750 by means of Bloomingdale’s
Here’s Italian TV character Miriam Leone going to a picture phone call for the Italian TV series 1992 in Rome. She’s bring a dainty Salvatore Ferragamo mini.

Naya Rivera
Hermès Kelly Bag
Naya Rivera likes vintage Hermès as well as Chanel, as well as those two brands represent the huge majority of what she selects to bring on a everyday basis. Here’s Naya, catching a flight at LAX with her vintage Kelly. now that Glee is officially over, we no longer have to speculate about her level of involvement with the show, which is something of a relief.

Nicky Hilton
Chanel vintage carry Bag
Here’s fellow vintage enthusiast Nicky Hilton, bring vintage Chanel to the premiere of Serena in NYC. Nicky attends motion picture premieres in nyc like it’s her job. If you’re premiering a movie, tell your publicist to invite Nicky; she will bring a bit additional press together with her (and a fabulous bag, of course).

Patti LaBelle
Hermès Birkin
Ladies as well as gents, I have been a bit extreme towards the DWTS cast in recent weeks. They do have at least one legit star on this season’s cast: Ms. Patti LaBelle! I don’t understand why they didn’t lock Patti down a number of seasons ago. right here she is, leaving DWTS rehearsals with her black Hermès Birkin.

Vanessa Paradis
Chanel woman Bag
Here’s Vanessa Paradis, leaving Bristol Farms, one of the top celeb-shopping/celeb-sighting areas in LA, so far as I can tell. Vanessa is bring one of Chanel’s a lot of unusual bags of the last few seasons, the Chanel woman Bag. FYI, this bag just hit stores, together with the rest of Chanel spring 2015 collection.

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