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While lots of longtime, well-established brands have been upping the ante when it pertains to embellishments as well as styles on their bags, lots of of the newer brands breaking into the bag market are hectic focusing on simple, high quality designs, as well as it’s paying off. While I like to see something quirky from a designer brand, frequently what I want for myself is a bag that is traditional and, ultimately, high-quality. I pointed out Linjer in my listing of brands to enjoy for 2018, as well as now we have a much better look at a few of the bags this brand has to offer (check out all the bags here).

The Soft Tote

The very first bag I want to focus on is the gorgeous Linjer Soft Tote. whatever about this bag screams classic, with its luxe leather, lack of branding, as well as general daily appeal. I utilized to be a carry woman as well as then went with a time where I wasn’t, however considering that having Millie, I am back to being a carry lover. A carry is best for a working woman, a hectic woman, a mom, or any individual in between.

The leather on the Linjer Soft carry is made of soft-yet-sturdy milled Italian leather, as well as the interior features beige cotton twill lining, which keeps the general weight of the bag down. There’s a hanging pocket that quickly fits your phone or secrets for simple access, as well as the top closes with a magnet closure. The bag quickly fits a 13″ MacBook, as well as the bag holds its shape without being as well stiff.

Totes are an under-appreciated purse since generally their usability as well as performance outweighs any type of kind of stand-out style, however often that is exactly what you need. This bag can quickly ended up being your go-to tote—a bag that is simple to fling over your carry as well as bring important daily items. general dimensions are 34cm length (bottom), 31cm height of body, 21cm manage drop, 13cm depth, which puts it in the “just right” category. There are five color options, including black, navy, forest green, bright navy, as well as chestnut. cost is $359 as well as the brand just restocked today, so get it while you can.

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The Tulip Bag

As for the next bag from Linjer: You may have seen the Linjer Tulip Bag before (it has some popular fans), as well as if you have, you may be as interested as I am. Guys, I like this bag. It is difficult to find by as well as frequently out of stock, however kid is it great when you can get your hands on it. There are three colorways, as well as each is as appealing as the next: natural/yellow, natural/red as well as black/red. The color combination, together with the design, is an immediate standout.

The Tulip style is alluring, with a special shape that combines full grain Italian vacchetta leather with a linen lining that shows with at the edges. The leather has a two-tone color, which shows itself based on the lines as well as cut of the bag. The linen that peeks with comes from the interior, which was treated for water as well as discolor resistance. The bag is a lot more spacious than it seems, as well as I’ve utilized it for the day without any area issues.

Something crucial to note with this bag is that it doesn’t close fully, which is part of the design, however that doesn’t bother me. I am utilized to having as well as utilizing lots of bags that likewise don’t close completely, as well as it’s never been a issue for me. In fact, I’ve frequently discovered it much easier to use, as well as I wind up keeping a lot of of my bags unzipped. I was so interested by the style as well as shape of this bag, as well as seeing it in person is no different. I like that the brand uses a extremely simple carry like I shared above, however likewise uses a piece like the Tulip, which is completely different from what else is offered in the purse world ideal now. shop the three colors by means of Linjer for $425.

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